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About The Author

- Ritaj Alhazmi, the world's Youngest Series Writer-

Ritaj Hussain Alhazmi is a young 13-year-old author and series writer. When she was little, she spent most of her time reading adventure books. She had always thought about what she wanted to do besides reading, and she wanted something that connects her to people by sharing ideas, insights, and opinions. Ritaj found that writing is the most effective means of doing this. Therefore, she has started writing a fiction book with the encouragement of her parents. Now, she’s a series writer and published her first book at age eleven. Ritaj has recently received the title of Youngest Series Writer in the world. Her future dream is to become a worldwide bestseller!

Youngest Dreams


 Reading is one of my favourite hobbies I enjoyed when I was young. I grew up reading fiction and fantasy.  When I got older (eight years to be exact in 2016), I went to a bookstore to find some books to read. My father asked me if I would like to one day be an author and have my books on a bookstore's shelves. I was pleased with the idea. The real reason that motivated me to write was that I found out that most of the books were targeted at those a lot older or younger than me. That was the main thing that pushed me towards writing. From the day I set my eyes on reading, I've discovered what I wanted to be when I was a bit older. I wanted to connect myself to the world by reading, writing, sharing ideas, insights, and opinions.





When my parents asked me to be an author, I thought about these things. A few days later. I started to write some ideas about what my first book would be like! I wanted it to be fiction because it was what I always loved to read. I knew that I wanted my book to have an idea to help the readers run towards their dreams without giving up. I always believed that my writing would help persuade them to do just that.

After I finished writing the draft of my book, we sent it to an editor for editing. Unfortunately, the fiction structure turned out to be a lot more detailed than I thought. But I wasn't going to give up since I finished the book. My father insisted I take a few courses to learn about how to write fiction. After I completed serval courses, I returned to rewrite the whole draft. The lessons were from (Writing Mastery) by Jessica Brody. I started to write what I learned about, from hooking the readers to fiction structure to writing methods such as the Save the Cat method (STC), to the great ingredients of fiction writing.



Book Fair


At the end of 2018, I completed my first book (self-publishing) and sent it to the editor. It was almost a couple of months before the Riyadh International Book Fair. In March 2019, I published my first novel, Treasure of the Lost Sea.

I was able to attend Riyadh International Book Fair and sign my book there. At that time, I was interviewed by one of the well-known TV channels, “mbc,” and talked about my writing journey.

The book fair was genuinely unique. I had a fantastic first experience. I saw a lot of books that caught my eye. The fair was the best place I could buy myself some books to read, and that's precisely what I did. To my luck, it wasn't only the first place I bought a lot of books, but it was also the place I had my first interview with a TV channel.


A Second Journey


In the mid of 2018, I began writing my second book (Portal of the Hidden World) and completed it by mid of 2019. In October 2019, I published my second book (self-published)  to make the Treasure of the Lost Sea series. Writing the second book was much easier than the first one.



Youngest Series Writer


Before, my parents —two years ago— had already thought about finding a Guinness World Record title.

I was fortunate that they stumbled upon the title: Youngest Series Writer. After getting our application accepted.





At the beginning of 2020, I had planned my third book of the series. Since I read some blogs on the future, I guessed it would be a good topic for my main characters to look through. Because most of the series talked about magic powers, I knew some change would be good, considering the main characters would be trying something new. As always, I liked planning the title of my book before writing It. Of course, the title changed throughout writing the book. Finally, I decided to name the book based on the theme "Beyond the Future World."



Learning More


Throughout the year, while writing my third book —as my parents looked for some new courses for me— I soon found out that I could also do my workshop. So I decided to do so. I began working on the presentation slides, planning on what to say, what to talk about, and, most importantly, how I can deliver the knowledge to those who are coming to learn.

After I got ready and introduced the workshop, I was amazed to see all those children coming to learn. Throughout my workshop, I learned a lot of things.

 One of the most important things to do after learning is to teach others what you know, remember what you have learned, and why you decided to do so. Not to mention it's a part of the learning pyramid.



Towards Future


When the workshop ended, I was even more eager to continue my third book with everything I learned from the course. Another thing that I learned was that every great writer is a great reader. Ideas are like waves. They come and go.

After some months of working hard writing, I finally finished what I began. Beyond the Future World had a significant impact on me when I wrote it. I had a very memorable journey with the book; finally, it was time to edit! Today, it's under editing. Maybe a month later, my masterpiece would be out for all to enjoy.



A Message


My message towards everyone —especially my age—, dream big, do it now, don't wait later. As I said before, ideas come and go, so do opportunities.

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